Effective and empathetic - resources and support meet the needs of caregivers

  Expert articles for time-efficient research
A caregivers' time is extremely valuable, which is why Caregiven has curated expert articles across a wide range of topics, easily accessible in one place.

  Intelligent chat guidance
Caregiven provides those giving care the emotional and practical support most needed through a self-guided chatbot experience.

  “Share & care” coordination
Easy management of a private and secure “care circle” that includes friends, family and trusted service providers so that information, such as updates, documents, appointments, and requests for help are found in one place.

  Vital documents, secure but accessible
Caregiven suggests and provides secure storage for the vital and helpful documents needed when providing care so they are within fingertip reach at a moments’ notice.

Appointment Tracking
Stay organized with upcoming appointments and record notes.
Stay Connected
Keep those in your circle updated and receive support by posting to your care feed.
Caregiving Journey
When the appointment prompts more questions, there's Caregiven: curated, empathetic articles, activities and resources.
Document Viewing
Share documents with your inner circle and retrieve with a click, anytime.
Caregiven Home
What you need to see right now, all in one place.
View Your Progress
As you complete articles and activities, your journey lotus blooms to reflect your progress.
Helpful Articles
You don't have to know what to ask. Caregiven suggests helpful content based on your unique journey.
Document Storage
Discover which documents are relevant for your journey, and securely store them at your fingertips.



The ability to change how care is given is at your fingertips

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This app is a game-changer in helping families navigate the complex and overwhelming caregiver landscape.

Melissa Rowley
Board Chair for Caregiver Action Network



Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Caregiven only given as an employee benefit?

No, we also work directly with nonprofits, health counseling groups, as well as senior and faith/community-based organizations that support aging or disabled neighbors.

Why an app?

Of all the caregiving guidance and support tools on the market, the one product the majority of caregivers use daily is their mobile device. We chose an app as a vehicle that can easily and conveniently deliver support, guidance and perspective through the technology we find in social networking and online learning.

Will there be a counselor or social worker I can talk to?

We specifically designed Caregiven without human care coaches, as research has shown a preference for convenient technology versus phone conversation. Caregiven is a safe place where users can be vulnerable, while receiving the support and culturally safe content that is free of assumptions and bias. 

Will I be provided a care plan to follow?

There is no one road map to follow, as each caregiving journey is a unique experience. Caregiven lays out the basic phases a family or individual moves through during caregiving, but we do not construct a specific plan. Instead, we help you anticipate what’s around the corner and provide guidance on how to understand, evaluate and make decisions based on your own situation, values and resources.