You care about your employees. Support their well-being as they care for others.

Caregiven is an effective and easy-to-use application that assists the 1 in every 5 employees providing care to another adult, such as a parent, spouse, adult child, sibling or friend.

When employees need your support

It is human nature to want to help someone who is facing a life challenge. Go beyond offering to help by providing them Caregiven.

Following an accident or injury
Following a diagnosis or illness
When supporting an adult child with special needs
When concerned about an aging or unwell relative, friend or neighbor

One product to address your employees’ greatest needs

 Employee well-being
It’s no surprise that most employees feel significant stress at their daily jobs. For those caring for an aging or ailing adult, many will show signs of clinical depression. Caregiven is an effective wellness tool that guides users to the benefits, services and support to decrease the isolation and overwhelming feelings associated with caregiving.

  Cost savings and benefits navigation
The annual out-of-pocket cost for caring for an aging or ailing adult could reach or exceed $10,000. Caregiven helps by serving as an “expense concierge” to help users streamline their expenses, as well as optimize their existing benefits to ensure they remain healthy and productive on their caregiving journey.

  Financial Wellness
The overall financial impact to caregivers can be substantially higher than just out-of-pocket expenses if they have to reduce their working hours, decline a promotion, or even leave the workforce entirely. Caregiven guides users to the financial resources that will help provide the best care, while ensuring their own financial future is not in jeopardy.

Family leave and bereavement benefits
Laws and regulations around paid family leave are changing, with more states instituting leave mandates and bereavement policies in the post-pandemic era. Caregiven helps employees understand the paid and unpaid benefits available to them as a caregiver, while providing guidance to collaborate with their employer so they can retain their jobs and reduce the impact on other colleagues.


Retain your most valuable employees through a culture of caring


Ninety-five percent of employees indicated that an employee-sponsored elder backup care benefit would be an important factor when considering a change in employment.

(Horizons Workforce Consulting and R. Matthews Ph.D. Study: The Lasting Impact of Employer Sponsored Back Up Care in Health Care Organizations (2018).)


$33.6 Billion

Employees who engage in caregiving are some of the most loyal, selfless, problem-solving teammates who would bring value to any business. However, caregivers are also likely to experience more stress, depression, absences from work, distractions and health problems than their non-caregiving coworkers. These issues also create additional workloads for non-caregiving employees that could lead them to look for other opportunities elsewhere. Corporate Wellness Magazine recently reported that turnover, absences, medical costs and loss of productivity related to employee caregiving can cost U.S companies up to $33.6 billion annually.


624 Hours Annually

The impact of informal caregiving isn’t just on the employee. It’s reported that supervisors can spend an estimated 12 hours of time per week providing emotional support to employees, as well as making accommodations due to absences, decreased productivity and turnover for every employee with caregiving obligations.

(The MetLife Caregiving Cost Study: Productivity Losses to U.S. Business (2006).)


Caregiven Impact Number

A Caregiver Impact Number represents the economic impact to an employer when their employees with caregiving responsibilities are not supported with appropriate benefits. The number is derived from increased absences, higher presenteeism, more expensive healthcare costs, turnover, and lost competitive advantage.



All your employees’ greatest needs in one product

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Using breaks as intended

For every article within Caregiven that is curated from trusted experts and service providers, we save our users more than 10 hours of web search time. Peak search times usually occur on Thursdays during the lunch hour, as employees begin anticipating their weekend caregiving commitments. Caregiven enables employees to quickly find what they need so they can spend more time recharging themselves by stepping away from their screens, taking a walk or enjoying a midday meal.

Self-advocacy & improved communication

Caregiven guides employees to better understand their benefits and provides suggestions on how to approach their supervisors honestly and openly about their personal circumstances. As a result, employees can experience less miscommunication or misinterpretation issues among supervisors and colleagues.

Help no just offered, but accepted

Research has indicated that co-workers and managers are amongst the first to recognize that an employee/colleague is experiencing a life challenge. There is often a desire from those at work to help – meal trains and leave donations are just two examples. Caregiven provides users with suggestions on how to ask for, and accept, the help they need not only from their teammates, but from the broader community as well.

Private and secure

Let’s face it, the taboo of caregiving means that many employees won’t readily admit they are a caregiver for fear of judgment. Today, caring for another adult holds a similar stigma that pregnant women faced decades ago, which often means some employees won’t utilize the benefits that are available to them. Caregiven is offered to all your employees directly, so they can sign-up using their personal contact information and keep their personal circumstances private. This gives them peace-of-mind about their anonymity and provides you the confidence that your employees are receiving workplace support.

Adding Caregiven to your benefits package is easy!

Initiate Caregiven app access for your employees:

  1. Complete the information fields requested below.

  2. A member of Caregiven will reach out with subscription details.

  3. You will receive an enrollment activation link.

Caregiven offers a completely digital enrollment experience. If you would like to speak to a member of the team, please indicate so on the information form.


Improved employee wellness and retention is easily within reach

Create a culture of caring your employees will be proud of by providing them with Caregiven, the resources and tools they’ll need to care for others while also caring for themselves.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact us for further assistance.

I only have five employees. Does Caregiven make sense for my smaller companies?

The national average shows that one out of every five employees is providing some form of care to another adult, and that number is projected to increase to one in three by the end of the decade. If supporting one employee through this challenging time is important to you, then it makes sense to offer Caregiven as part of your employee benefits package.

Is there an employer customer service representative I can talk to after our company signs up for Caregiven?

Absolutely! The Caregiven team is happy to address any questions or concerns you may have. They are also eager to collaborate with you to help normalize the impact that caregiving has on individuals, co-workers and companies through relevant content, webinars, Employee Resource Group materials, and workshops tailored to your company’s needs.

Are any monthly or annual reports/metrics provided that show how Caregiven is working for our employees?

Caregiven aggregates usage data for each employer who has five or more employees and can provide reports at your request. For organizations with four or fewer employees, we provide relevant usage reports to validate investment in the product. Caregiven anonymizes all data to protect the privacy of our users.

Is there a certain term our company would be obligated to maintain Caregiven as a benefit?

To simplify billing and account management, Caregiven follows a renewal process which requires 60-day notice of cancellation.