Nurturing the caregiver in every leader

We understand the pressures you face balancing professional responsibilities with caregiving - either in the workplace or at home. Let’s forge a new culture of understanding and support together.

When employees need your support

It is human nature to want to help someone who is facing a life challenge. Go beyond offering to help by providing them Caregiven.

Following an accident or injury
Following a diagnosis or illness
When supporting an adult child with special needs
When concerned about an aging or unwell relative, friend or neighbor

Learn how supporting your caregiving staff builds organizational strength, resilience and meaning.

 Empathy drives productivity
Support for personal challenges establishes  a culture of psychological safety, mutual dedication and focus.  

  Create a culture of care
When employees feel supported in their caregiving roles, you foster mutual understanding, shared support and team camaraderie.

  Financial guidance, emotional relief
When you help your team navigate caregiving financial decision-making, it alleviates stress and allows them to bring their whole selves to work. 

Informed leadership
Stay ahead of with the latest on caregiver rights and company policies to support your team effectively and empathetically.



See how creating a culture of caregiving can improve operational efficiency.

Your employees are caregivers

1 in 5 employees is a caregiver, providing more than 20 hours of unpaid care per week.

(Invisible Overtime: What employers need to know about caregivers)

Caregivers need support

75% of employees struggle to balance work and caregiving responsibilities.

(Shining a Spotlight on Caregivers in the Workplace: Findings From the 2023 Workplace Wellness Survey)

Caregivers are culture builders

49% of caregiving employees reported an increase in empathy at the workplace, along with a significant increase in other soft skills.

(Research: Caregiver Employees Bring Unique Value to Companies)

Retain your caregiving talent

95% of employees find enough value in elder care benefits to consider switching employment.

(Horizons Workforce Consulting and R. Matthews, Ph.D. Study: The Lasting Impact of Employer Sponsored Back Up Care in Health Care Organizations (2018))


Improved employee wellness and retention is easily within reach! 

Create a culture of caring your employees will be proud of by providing them with Caregiven, the resources and tools they’ll need to care for others while also caring for themselves.



  Intelligent chat guidance

  Expert articles for time-efficient research

  Care circle management

  Upload and share documents

  Private and secure enrollment

All your employees’ greatest needs in one product

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Using breaks as intended

For every article within Caregiven that is curated from trusted experts and service providers, we save our users more than 10 hours of web search time. Peak search times usually occur on Thursdays during the lunch hour, as employees begin anticipating their weekend caregiving commitments. Caregiven enables employees to quickly find what they need so they can spend more time recharging themselves by stepping away from their screens, taking a walk or enjoying a midday meal.

Self-advocacy & improved communication

Caregiven guides employees to better understand their benefits and provides suggestions on how to approach their supervisors honestly and openly about their personal circumstances. As a result, employees can experience less miscommunication or misinterpretation issues among supervisors and colleagues.

Help not just offered, but accepted

Research has indicated that co-workers and managers are amongst the first to recognize that an employee/colleague is experiencing a life challenge. There is often a desire from those at work to help – meal trains and leave donations are just two examples. Caregiven provides users with suggestions on how to ask for, and accept, the help they need not only from their teammates, but from the broader community as well.

Private and secure

Let’s face it, the taboo of caregiving means that many employees won’t readily admit they are a caregiver for fear of judgment. Today, caring for another adult holds a similar stigma that pregnant women faced decades ago, which often means some employees won’t utilize the benefits that are available to them. Caregiven is offered to all your employees directly, so they can sign-up using their personal contact information and keep their personal circumstances private. This gives them peace-of-mind about their anonymity and provides you the confidence that your employees are receiving workplace support.

Value beyond the numbers

From increased empathy to improved emotional intelligence,  investing in your caregiving workforce can fundamentally transform your organization for the better. 

For less than you'd think, Caregiven enables mid-market employers to restore employee productivity by 72%.

Caregiven's Impact

Add Caregiven to your benefits package

Enhance your empathetic workplace culture. Caregiven seamlessly integrates with your benefits to support hidden cohorts of employee caregivers. Fill out the form below to get started.


Guidance at every step

We’re here to address your questions and support your mission to foster an empathetic workplace culture.

Is there a question we haven’t covered? Send us a note, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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How does Caregiven fit into a small business dynamic?

Caregiven is tailored for small to medium-sized businesses, offering cost-effective resources  that are often only  available within  larger corporations. It uniquely addresses small businesses' challenges by enhancing their benefits packages, fostering a supportive work environment, and minimizing the impact of caregiving responsibilities on workplace dynamics.

What post-sign-up support can I expect?

After signing up, managers receive comprehensive support that keeps your team informed and engaged, access to an administrative portal for easy management, and HR manager kits tailored for navigating caregiving scenarios. Caregiven is committed to partnering with organizations to integrate caregiving into the workplace culture, providing tools and resources that support both individuals and their colleagues.

What’s the commitment period for adding Caregiven?

Caregiven values flexibility and simplicity, requiring only a 60-day notice for cancellation to ensure uninterrupted service and easy account management. This policy is designed to accommodate the dynamic needs of businesses while ensuring a seamless caregiving support experience.

Are there performance metrics that track Caregiven’s effectiveness?

For businesses with five or more employees, Caregiven compiles and shares usage data, offering insights into the app’s impact and helping validate your investment. For smaller teams, tailored usage reports are available upon request, all while maintaining the anonymity of user data to uphold privacy standards.

How can Caregiven help our employees balance their professional responsibilities with caregiving duties?

Caregiven provides structured communication tools and the “Care Circle'' feature to facilitate the management of caregiving alongside professional duties. These tools aid employees in having meaningful conversations at work and in managing caregiving tasks efficiently, ensuring they receive the support they need without compromising their work responsibilities.

What kind of emotional support does Caregiven provide to caregiving employees?

Through guiding users to appropriate employee benefits and community resources, Caregiven offers a pathway to resilience and emotional support. The platform recognizes the varied emotional experiences of caregiving and provides personalized support and resources to navigate these challenges effectively. Caregiven enhances emotional support for caregivers by providing personalized guidance and resources, acknowledging the diverse emotional experiences of caregiving. This approach helps caregivers navigate their challenges effectively, fostering resilience and emotional well-being at every stage of their journey.

How easily can Caregiven be integrated into our existing employee benefits system?

Caregiven's web-based platform is designed for effortless promotion by HR managers without the need for complex integration into core systems. This ease of use extends to the implementation process, making it a straightforward addition to any benefits package.

What strategies does Caregiven recommend to encourage employee engagement?

To foster employee engagement, Caregiven equips HR managers with tools such as administrative reminders and specialized kits for caregiving scenarios. These resources are designed to facilitate effective team support and ensure that caregiving employees feel valued and understood.

How does Caregiven ensure employee confidentiality and privacy?

Upholding the highest standards of data security, Caregiven employs encryption and advanced infrastructure to protect user information. The platform advocates for two-factor authentication and engages in continuous monitoring to prevent unauthorized access, ensuring that all data shared within the app remains secure. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. 

How does Caregiven incorporate employer and employee feedback?

Caregiven actively learns from user interactions and feedback, utilizing this information to enhance the platform's design and features. This iterative process ensures that Caregiven remains responsive to the evolving needs of employers and employees, making continuous improvements for a better user experience.