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Caregiven helps you on your caregiving journey


The Caregiven app provides 24/7 access to the knowledge, tools and support you will need most when providing care for another adult, while also sustaining your own emotional well-being.




Effective resources and empathetic support system to meet your needs

  Intelligent chat guidance

As a caregiver, you are on your own unique path. Caregiven provides you the emotional support you’ll need, at your own pace, through our self-guided chatbot experience.


  Expert articles for time-efficient research

Your time is extremely valuable, which is why Caregiven has curated expert articles across a wide range of areas you can easily access into a simple journey.


  Care circle management

Create a “care circle” of trusted friends and family where you can share vital information, such as updates, documents and appointments.


  Upload & share documents

Caregiven creates suggestions for helpful documents you’ll need and provides a simple storage solution that can be used to quickly upload or snap photos of vital documents to be shared among your care circle.


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Caregiven understands your time and well-being are crucial to your important task


Maximize research time with trusted resources

On average, caregivers spend 32.5 hours per week providing care. Caregiven was created by experienced caregivers who have assembled the tools and resources you'll need all in one application, so you can spend less time searching the internet.


Information delivered that you can easily understand.

Untangling the complex medical, legal and financial systems and processes related to caregiving can be intimidating. Caregiven provides simple step-by-step guidance in everyday language, so you can easily develop your plan.

Flexible platform

Flexible platform to assist your unique care journey.

Caregiven operates under the premise that there is no one road map for care. Everyone is different and each situation offers unique challenges, so great care has been made to deliver a flexible platform that is easy to understand.


Quick chatbot interactions and support system.

As a caregiver, you'll experience a wide spectrum of feelings. Caregiven's empathy-driven approach seeks to "meet you where you are" by understanding your emotional state through online chatbot interactions prior to making suggestions or guiding you into action.

Easy access to the support you deserve

The Caregiven mobile app can be obtained directly by individuals or as part of their employee benefits package:

  1. To receive Caregiven at no cost, locate a unique link through your employee benefits portal/handbook, or reach out to your Human Resources team for assistance.
  2. If your employer doesn't currently offer Caregiven, you may purchase a monthly or annual subscription through the website:
    • Caregiven is offered at $6.99 per month, which includes unlimited access for you as well as the support team you invite to your Care Circle. 
    • Annual subscriptions are available for $69.99.

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  3. If you’d like Caregiven to reach out to your employer and encourage them to provide Caregiven as an employee benefit, please complete the short questionnaire below. 

    Please note that you will remain completely anonymous.

    If at any time your employer opts to offer Caregiven as an employee benefit and you are subscribed annually as an individual, we will transfer the account and refund months remaining.


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Trusted solutions for families like yours have commented on Caregiven's behalf.

"It's effective at highlighting the care journey and personal enough to inspire action."
"This app is so beautifully done, clear it was built with so much care and experience by the hands who built it. As I opened it in the middle of the night sitting by my Dad's side, looking for direction and answers, even the colors helped to calm me."
"I am literally bowled over by the clarity, gentleness and thoroughness."

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