Simplify your caregiving journey

Caregiven is your ally in navigating caregiving. We help you cut through the complexity that comes with asking for help, offering you easy, accessible support on your own terms, exactly when you need it.


Caregiven meets you where you are. Our app intuitively guides you to the right resources at the right time, simplifying crucial tasks and helping you manage the demands of caregiving. 

Streamlined research
Caregiven brings together expertly-curated resources that are easy to navigate, simplifying your research process and saving you time.
Help on your terms
Our platform empowers you to assemble a network of family, friends and professionals, according to your personal caregiving needs. Easily manage communication, share updates, and ask for help when needed, all within a private and secure environment. 
Emotionally intelligent chatbot 
Caregiven’s chatbot was built with empathy at its core, offering real-time emotional support coupled with practical advice based on what you’re feeling and experiencing now.
Secure storage, simplified access
Caregiven’s document storage prioritizes both security and accessibility, allowing you to store and retrieve vital caregiving documents quickly and safely. 

App Features

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The Caregiven Impact

“It’s effective at highlighting the care journey and personal enough to inspire action.”
“This app is so beautifully done, clear it was built with so much care and experience by the hands who built it. As I opened it in the middle of the night sitting by my dad’s side, looking for direction and answers, even the colors helped to calm me.”
“I am literally bowled over by the clarity, gentleness and thoroughness.”

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Simplify your caregiving experience today. There are two ways to get the Caregiven app:

  1. Through Employee Benefits: If your employer offers Caregiven as part of their benefit, it can be obtained at no extra cost. Your HR team can guide you through the process.

  2. Personal Subscription: Subscribe individually at just $6.99 per month for unlimited access for you and your chosen Care Circle members, with no additional subscription fees for those you invite. We also offer an annual subscription at $69.99, ensuring your caregiving journey has year-round support. 

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What are the features of Caregiven?
  • 24/7 Support: Access to caregiving guidance anytime, anywhere.

  • Simple Guidance: Step-by-step help with medical, legal and financial tasks.

  • Emotional Well-being: Tools and resources focused on sustaining your mental and emotional health.

  • Care Circle: Share updates, tasks and information with your private support network.

  • Easy Navigation: User-friendly interface for a hassle-free app experience.

  • Trusted Resources: Access to vetted information and expert caregiving advice.

  • Empathetic Chatbot: Instant assistance and emotional support through chat.

How does Caregiving simplify caregiving tasks?

Caregiven simplifies caregiving tasks by providing structured guidance and easy-to-navigate resources. The app helps organize caregiving duties, from scheduling appointments to document management, ensuring everything you need is accessible in one place.

What kind of resources are in the Caregiven app?

The Caregiven app includes a wide range of resources tailored to caregiving needs, such as articles on health and wellness, financial planning tips, guidance for legal preparedness, and emotional support guides. It also simplifies navigating your employer's benefits, ensuring you receive the most relevant support for your caregiving journey.

Can I customize my Caregiven experience based on my caregiving situation?

The Caregiven app is designed to support your caregiving journey by allowing you to access and explore resources in any order that align with your current needs. It emphasizes flexibility in how you gather information and support. Additionally, the Care Circle feature enables you to invite as many members as needed, offering customizable access to ensure everyone involved receives the appropriate level of information and can contribute to the caregiving process.

How can Caregiven help our employees balance their professional responsibilities with caregiving duties?

Caregiven provides structured communication tools and the “Care Circle'' feature to facilitate the management of caregiving alongside professional duties. These tools aid employees in having meaningful conversations at work and in managing caregiving tasks efficiently, ensuring they receive the support they need without compromising their work responsibilities.

What kind of support can I expect from the Caregiven chatbot?

The Caregiven chatbot offers empathetic, real-time support for caregivers. It can provide practical advice, emotional support, and direct you to the most relevant resources based on your current needs and feelings.

How many people can I add to my Care Circle?

You're free to add as many people as you wish to your Care Circle, embracing the philosophy that "many hands make light work." This includes a mix of family, friends, and professionals, each with tailored permissions to access only the relevant information. Professionals can view medical details, while friends and family see social updates and requests for help, ensuring everyone contributes effectively to the caregiving process without being overwhelmed.

What can I expect from the Caregiven newsletter?

The Caregiven newsletter offers updates on app features, caregiving tips, inspirational stories from other caregivers, and the latest research and advice on caregiving. It's designed to provide ongoing support and information to help you navigate your caregiving journey.