We are caregiver advocates

Founded by those who have walked the caregiving path, our mission is to illuminate the way forward, providing support and guidance to harness your inherent resilience and strength.


Our mission is to guide and support caregivers

Touching Lives
We go beyond just helping – our goal is to positively transform the caregiving experience with the right knowledge, tools, and support for each journey.
Realistic and Heartfelt
Addressing the complicated tasks at hand, while also focusing on the caregiver’s emotional needs and well-being.
Empowering Choices
We guide caregivers through understanding their unique situations, offering a range of options to craft a caregiving journey that's right for them.
Strengthening Bonds
Our technology facilitates seamless communication, organization, and task delegation, reinforcing the network of support among family and friends.

App Features

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Our founding story

Candice Smith stepped into the role of caregiver unexpectedly to care for her father as he approached the end of his life.

Like others in her situation, she had no previous caregiving experience and was quickly overwhelmed by the emotional and physical demands of the role.

And while her initial foray into caregiving was driven by her father's needs, it gradually evolved from personal struggle to a vision of support and empathy.

Candice's experience – intense, overwhelming, yet deeply transformative – became the spark that ignited Caregiven.

Her vision, now shared, supported and enriched by many caregivers, each with their own journeys, experiences and personal meaning, has created a resource that's not just about practical tools, but deeply attuned to supporting the mental and emotional demands of caregiving.


The Caregiven app story

Born from the experience of former caregivers, the Caregiven app embodies their collective desire to create an empathetic resource that didn't exist during their own caregiving experiences.

Founding Vision:

Launched in 2019, Caregiven emerged during the rise of Care Tech—a term coined by AARP for innovations aiding unpaid caregivers. Caregiven launched at the height of the pandemic in April 2021, providing support to increasingly common remote caregiving situations.

Global Recognition:

Celebrated worldwide for its innovative support and design, earning accolades from AARP, Aging 2.0, CareFactor, and the Zurich Innovation Championship.

Startup Accolade:

Named 2021 Startup of the Year by the Technology Association of Oregon.

Strategic Partnership:

In 2022, Caregiven was acquired by Veratrus Health, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Dental of Iowa. As a not-for-profit insurance company, Delta Dental of Iowa gives back to the communities they serve. Since 2002, Delta Dental of Iowa has committed $62 million to improve access to health and wellness resources.

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Simplify your caregiving experience today. There are two ways to get the Caregiven app:

  1. Through Employee Benefits: If your employer offers Caregiven as part of their benefit, it can be obtained at no extra cost. Your HR team can guide you through the process.

  2. Personal Subscription: Subscribe individually at just $6.99 per month for unlimited access for you and your chosen Care Circle members, with no additional subscription fees for those you invite. We also offer an annual subscription at $69.99, ensuring your caregiving journey has year-round support. 

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Caregiver Questions, Answered

Is there a question we haven’t covered? Send us a note, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

How does Caregiven provide support?

The Caregiven app is designed to support your caregiving journey by allowing you to access and explore resources in any order that align with your current needs. It emphasizes flexibility in how you gather information and support. Additionally, the Care Circle feature enables you to invite as many members as needed, offering customizable access to ensure everyone involved receives the appropriate level of information and can contribute to the caregiving process.

What security measures does Caregiven implement for user data?

Upholding the highest standards of data security, Caregiven employs encryption and advanced infrastructure to protect user information. The platform advocates for two-factor authentication and engages in continuous monitoring to prevent unauthorized access, ensuring that all data shared within the app remains secure. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy

How easily can Caregiven be integrated into our existing employee benefits system?

Caregiven's web-based platform is designed for effortless promotion by HR managers without the need for complex integration into core systems. This ease of use extends to the implementation process, making it a straightforward addition to any benefits package.

How can Caregiven support HR and benefits managers?

Caregiven is tailored for small to medium-sized businesses, offering cost-effective resources  that are often only  available within  larger corporations. It uniquely addresses small businesses' challenges by enhancing their benefits packages, fostering a supportive work environment, and minimizing the impact of caregiving responsibilities on workplace dynamics.